Theroux and Thompson 

Prior to starting Deep South, I hadn’t been introduced to the travel writing genre. But much to my surprise, I enjoy Paul Theroux. I turned to the first page assuming the author would essentially walk me through his journey, detailing the landscape and neighborhoods. If anything, I expected a novel similar to those Theroux pulls apart. The author discusses the falsehood surrounding many great American travel texts, such as John Steinbeck’s Travel’s with Charley: “This occurrence of the mock ordeal became a feature of travel narratives in America that has persisted to our own time” (Theroux 13). Likewise, Carl Thompson explains the debate surrounding the “typical” travel writing: “With the so-called ‘cultural’ or ‘literary’ turn of the 1970’s, the supposedly scientific objectivity of the geographic or ethnographic text was called into question” (4). (more…)