About Me

Hi, I’m Kara! I started this blog while completing a Civic and Community Engagement Project for my Gender and Women’s Studies course. But down the line, this blog turned into so much more then a class assignment. I went out and spoke to several women throughout my town, asking them about their experiences within the work force. I started with questions such as, “Do you think you’re being paid and treated fairly?” By the end of the discussions, I had heard very intimate, emotional stories of anger, sadness, and overall pessimism. Even though the women I spoke to range in their job categories, as well as their titles, they each have something in common- they’re fighting their way to the top of a male dominated world.

The woman who inspires be to continue to learn about female rights.
The woman who inspires be to continue to learn about female rights.

Now, I hope you don’t read this and think in the stereotypical anti-feminist manner: “She hates men, so she’s crying over small little problems women have at work.” This couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m officially a senior in college- I’ll make my way (hopefully) into the job force in 2016. My plan has always been to attend graduate school after I receive my masters. I’m an English major, so I know how vital the second degree can be in my overall career. But, after doing research and hearing these real-life stories, I’m honestly scared. I don’t want to work myself to the bone and in the end be paid less because I’m a woman. I want to learn how other females out there are handling the statistics- the numbers which constantly serve as reminders of how far we still need to push for equality. When you dive into such deep subjects as the pay-gap and gender inequality, you’re more than likely going to experience frustration. I definitely have. This blog has become a way for me to relate the stories I’ve heard to events happening throughout our country today. I’ll tell the tales of these women and try to show you people today who are working their hardest to ensure females are compensated fairly.

My father- a man who has never led me to believe being a woman is a disadvantage.
My father- a man who has never led me to believe being a woman is a disadvantage.

As I’ve grown, I’ve looked up to so many different women: Amy Poehler, Hillary Clinton, Maya Angelou, and Adrienne Rich (just to name a few). Each of them have taught me, with knowledge comes power. Thus, I hope to enlighten you and hopefully push you to join the fight. Whether you want to go out and start your own blog, create an organization, or just keep up with the topic yourself, everything counts.

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